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What is Postman?

Postman is an API development tool that aids in creating, testing and modifying APIs. This tool contains almost all of the functionality that a developer might require. Every month, over 5 million developers use it to make API development simple and easy. It can produce various HTTP requests, save environments for later use, and convert API code into code for languages such as JavaScript and Python. Postman Workspaces make it easier for teams to collaborate. Changes to a team workspace sync in real-time, ensuring that everyone is constantly working with the most recent version. 

Across multiple workspaces, team admins can set permissions and manage contributors. The Postman API allows you to access data in your Postman account using code. The standard CRUD operations can be performed on your collections, environments, mocks, and more. The webhooks folder is, in my opinion, the most incredible thing here. A new feature allows you to start a collection by calling the webhook URL with an API call. Requests to the webhook URL can also include your custom payload, which you can view in the group. Postman Echo is a service we created as a sanity check and learning tool. You can use it to test your REST clients and make practice API calls. The API “echos” what you sent it, as the name implies, which is a great way to see what you’re sending to a server without having to dig through backend logs. You can use a variety of protocols (GET, POST, PUT) and different authentication methods and parameters to send requests. Postman offers a programmable visual representation of your request responses. We can add visualization to the response body in Postman using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Use the Visualizer to visualize your response data in a way that makes sense to you. 

When dealing with a collection of multiple requests, it’s common to run them in the order they were received. Other times, skipping or repeating specific requests is beneficial. It is where the Postman.SetNextRequest method comes in. You can programmatically choose which requests run and order by using conditional logic in the Pre-request or Tests tabs. Postman was once a platform where people worked alone and independently tested APIs. Working together has never been easier with features like commenting, forking, branching, pull requests, tagging, and more. Make it a group effort by taking advantage of the multiplayer experience with shared workspaces. Most users are aware that you can set collection-level variables and authentication, both of which are inherited. Monitoring is an excellent way to keep track of your APIs’ health and performance. They go over your collections and tell you how your tests are doing, but they’re only as good as your tests. You can test against various scenarios throughout the day by automatically running the same monitor in different environments. It lets you identify problems early on and perform continuous and automated regression testing. You can also use a combination of monitors and settings to run monitors against different development environments, such as staging and production. GraphQL has gained a lot of traction in recent years, and Postman is here to help. Postman has you covered when it comes to GraphQL variables and sending GraphQL queries in the request body as POST requests. Query auto-completion with user-defined GraphQL schemas is my personal favorite. Having a little fun with your documentation now and then is fine! The Daring Fireball Markdown syntax in Postman documentation allows you to add images and gifs to your documentation easily.

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