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What is PrimePay?

PrimePay Payroll is a web-based payroll service that can be accessed anywhere and does not require the business owner to manage any software. The platform was created with small business owners in mind, allowing them to track, manage, and process payroll and pay their employees. But to say that’s all PrimePay can do is oversimplifying. HR, time clock, and workers compensation capabilities are all built into the payroll platform, allowing you to manage all aspects of Payroll in one place. To begin using PrimePay Payroll, you must first create an account. It entails filling out a form on the PrimePay website with essential business information, including your company name, employee count, and contact information. Following receipt of your application, a PrimePay sales representative will contact you to walk you through the process of setting up your account. After setting up your account, you can customize it to fit your payroll needs. It includes setting up your payroll calendar, entering tax, earnings, benefit deductions, and workers’ compensation information, and connecting your business bank account to the software.

The majority of PrimePay Payroll’s capabilities are relatively standard among payroll platforms. Fortunately, PrimePay also includes many extra features such as the HR and time-clock platforms that help small-business owners get the most out of their money. Payroll reports from PrimePay are designed to give small-business owners a better understanding of their labor costs. PrimePay will enhance the functionality of your platform with a variety of add-ons for an additional fee. It includes things like bank reconciliation, electronic child support garnishment, general ledger imports, and 401(k) imports, among other things. We recommend speaking with a sales representative if you are interested in adding any of these features because PrimePay does not list the cost of these add-ons on its website. You can post job listings to significant job boards using PrimePay’s built-in HR software. When candidates apply for that position, their information is automatically entered into the HR system. Employee Onboarding will receive their information once you’ve made a hire. They are using the PrimePay HR system, digitally onboard new hires. All of the data collected during onboarding are transferred directly to Payroll. PrimePay will also take care of all new hire paperwork and submit it to the necessary state and federal agencies. The time clock handles employee punch-in/punch-out functions, scheduling, PTO management, and overtime settings. You can also get access to an employee handbook builder, a direct line to a certified HR professional, and 200 employee training courses for an additional $29 per month. 

Although all of the services mentioned are included, PrimePay also offers various additional subscription services, such as benefits and merchant services and other HR and insurance services. Pricing is based on a quote. To contact customer service, go to the PrimePay Support Portal and fill out an online form. Check the documentation provided in the Support Portal on all aspects of the PrimePay platform for a faster solution. PrimePay also has a blog where you can find helpful information. The cost of PrimePay Payroll is determined by the number of employees you have and how often you run Payroll. You can calculate your payroll costs using the PrimePay website’s tool based on your company’s information. PrimePay isn’t the first payroll software to integrate HR services into its platform. Still, it does provide a lot of value for free. When you sign up for the payroll platform, you get features like applicant tracking, new hire reporting, and onboarding and advisory services. That’s a lot of free functionality. PrimePay Payroll is a payroll solution for small business owners who have a lot on their plate. As a result, it tries to make the payroll process as straightforward as possible by integrating HR and time tracking functions into the payroll platform and making Payroll processing a three-step process. PrimePay does not have a steep learning curve for those new to payroll processing.

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