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What is PubNub?

PubNub is a Real-Time Communication Platform that enables users to send data in real-time between devices. PubNub creates real-time web, mobile, and Internet of Things applications for software and hardware developers. Messages travel from publisher to subscriber in an average of 801000 milliseconds, regardless of where they originate. PubNub SDKs are available for all programming languages, allowing users to use PubNub right away on their server, smartphone, and web browser. After signing up for free, users will receive live API keys instantly. PubNub makes it simple to create powerful real-time apps like chat, real-time mapping, live updates, and IoT device control. To get started, use the Quickstarts below to learn the basics, then choose from our extensive list of SDKs and integrations to suit your needs. In no time, you’ll be up and running. Starting with PubNub is free, so it’ll be easy on your wallet right away. With our transaction pricing model, you only pay for what you use, even if your app has millions of users.

PubNub manages the infrastructure required for your apps’ real-time communication layer, allowing you to focus on application innovation. PubNub is built with many years of experience delivering scalable infrastructure products optimized for maximum performance. By leveraging PubNub, you can successfully provide a highly-available, real-time data stream network for fast and reliable messaging and signaling by leveraging our team’s expertise and operational skills. PubNub offers functions to capture events that occur on the PubNub Platform. PubNub Functions eliminates the need to spin up your servers or incur additional latency by relying on an external server/serverless technology. Instead, the code you write or use runs within PubNub’s operational environment, providing you with the scale and speed you require for your applications. Publish, and Fire are synchronous (blocking) event types that operate on the original message before delivery. The Function’s logic must be complete before the statement is released to the subscribers. It will cause a delivery delay (from microseconds for simple arithmetic to potentially hundreds or thousands of milliseconds if interacting with a third-party system). Publish and Fire, for example, are asynchronous (non-blocking) event types that operate on a copy of the message that includes any synchronous processing and does not add latency. Asynchronous Functions can’t change the original message; the client’s news is always the same as the message that triggered the Function.

PubNub supports all capabilities of WebSockets, Socket.IO, SignalR, WebRTC Data Channel, and other streaming protocols and uses a Publish/Subscribe model for real-time data streaming and device signaling. PubNub has SDKs for over 70 programming languages and environments, including JavaScript, iOS, Android, and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, and Backbone.js. PubNub also has client libraries for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Texas Instruments, and Microchip board platforms. Functions are a set of adaptable microservices that allow developers to add code and deploy features to real-time apps quickly. Publish/Subscribe Messaging includes built-in AES encryption and optional TLS/SSL encryption, as well as real-time data streaming[10] and device signaling. API Keys, Messages, and Channels are the atomic components that make up a data stream. This feature manages channels in a lightweight way, allowing software developers to create an unlimited number of channels for any set of API keys without declaring them first.

Online Presence Detection tracks users’ and devices’ online and offline status in real-time. When a connected device subscribes or unsubscribes from a channel, presence events are triggered when it times out. A “state” feature in the Presence API allows for the persistent tracking of any name-value pair specified by a software developer, such as a “typing” event indicator in a basic chat application. Access Management provides fine-grained read and writes access control on a per-user, device, or channel basis. It offers safety and enables stream syndication by granting individual users authorization and giving/robbing permissions at the channel or critical level. Separate data streams are multiplexed as a single persistent connection. Data Stream Controller centralizes control of creating and modifying groups of data channels at the server level. Storage & Playback saves messages as they’re sent over a data channel and retrieves them later from high-availability storage clusters. It can replay Data streams in the same way they were broadcast live. Mobile Push Notifications connects the native Pub/Sub Messaging API with third-party push notification services like Google Android GCM, Apple iOS APNS, and Microsoft Windows Phone MSNP. The PubNub API handles server-side components’ development, configuration, and maintenance for third-party providers.

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