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What is Pusher?

Pusher is an excellent hosted API service that makes it simple to integrate real-time data and functionality into web and mobile apps. Pusher acts as a real-time communication layer between the server and the client. It uses WebSockets to maintain persistent connections at the client as new data is added to your server. If a server wants to enter new data to clients, Pusher allows them to do so instantly. It’s incredibly adaptable, scalable, and simple to integrate. Pusher has made over 40 SDKs available, covering almost all tech stacks. Other hosted and self-hosted services are available in the context of delivering real-time data. It depends on the specific use case, such as whether you need to broadcast data to all users or something more complicated with particular target groups. Pusher was a good fit for our use case because of its ease of use, scalability, private and public channels, webhooks, and event-based automation. Socket.IO, Firebase, and Ably were among the other options we considered.

Pusher is ideal for communication and collaboration features that rely on WebSockets. The main distinction with Pusher is that it is a hosted service/API. Compared to other options, where you must manage the deployment yourself, it is easier to get started. When it comes to scaling, once we’ve completed the setup, we’ll save time and effort in the future. If there is a relevant change, Pusher can notify users. Notifications can also be thought of as signaling in which the notification is not represented in the user interface. Even so, it causes a reaction within the application. When something changes on the server or someone publishes it across all channels, a stream of activities is published. When needed, Pusher allows you to broadcast continuously evolving data. Pusher is a peer-to-peer or peer-to-multichannel communication tool. For a JavaScript-based application, Channels is an alias for Pub/Sub messaging API. Pusher also includes SDK/APIs for Chatkit and Beams (Push Notification). Chatkit is made to make integrating chat into your app as easy as possible. It allows you to incorporate group and one-on-one chat into your app. You can also add file attachments and online indicators to it. Push Notifications are added to your Mobile App using Beams. It comes with SDKs for managing push tokens and sending notifications.

Pusher has three different channels: public, private, and presence. Because public channels are open to the public, anyone who knows the channel name can subscribe to it and receive messages. Public channels are frequently used to broadcast general/public information that does not contain sensitive or user-specific data. The server can control who can subscribe and receive data from private channels through an access control mechanism. A personal- prefix should be added to the name of all remote channels. When the server needs to know who can subscribe to the channel and validate the subscribers, they are commonly used. Presence channels are a type of private channel that has been extended. It allows the server to register users’ information on subscription to the channel, in addition to the properties that private channels have. It also makes it possible for other members to see who is online. The Pusher sells Channels and Beams, two of its most popular items. Beams is a product that assists Pusher in providing push notifications to their customers. At the same time, Channels allows web and mobile app developers to create their required features in real-time.

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