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What is Rollbar?

Rollbar is a bug tracking and monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes hosted in the cloud. JavaScript, Python,.NET, Drupal, WordPress, and Pyramid are just a few of the programming languages and frameworks that Rollbar supports. Users can use notification filters to set and prioritize notifications based on the type of error. Users can also tag issues as active, resolved, or muted using the solution’s workflow control features. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively uses real-time AI-assisted workflows to discover, predict, and remediate errors. Rather than monitoring, investigating, and debugging, Rollbar allows developers to improve and innovate their code constantly.

Users can use Rollbar to keep track of their deployments, provide information in graphs, manage their timelines, and keep track of their deployment history. Users can communicate with the database software consisting of Rollbar Query Language. Rollbar is available as a monthly or annual subscription service with email support. Rollbar was simple to set up and offers a variety of libraries to choose from depending on the programming language you’re using. It accurately reports errors, is dependable, and the API and libraries are highly adaptable. I’m pretty sure I only use about 20% of the total functionality. The telemetry feature is quite powerful, and the integration with Slack is very good with a native experience. The integration with Github is also fantastic. Open-source Software Development Kits (SDKs) for all major programming languages used to instrument applications to detect and report errors to the Rollbar platform. Instrumenting is simple and takes only a few minutes. The SDKs include data scrubbing to prevent sensitive data from being sent to Rollbar and other configuration options. A proprietary fingerprinting and analysis engine receives, processes, and interprets billions of error occurrences per month, significantly increasing the signal-to-noise ratio, a typical monitoring challenge.

You can tailor the error grouping feature to meet your specific requirements. A full-featured workflow application notifies developers of errors via a web-based real-time error feed interface; alerts are sent to Slack, PagerDuty, or email. By assigning errors to specific team members that can distribute tasks. Rollbar includes a full-featured API and extensive integrations with other software tools that make up your complete software development workflow. These include Github, Jenkins, JIRA, and others. A data collection engine that gathers all relevant data for debugging and formats it in a way that saves the developer time. Stack traces request parameter values, local variable values, and metrics such as users impacted, browser, region, OS. If source control integration is enabled, you’ll also get links from the stack trace to relevant lines of code in your code repository. There is also a SQL-like interface called Rollbar Query Language (RQL) for custom data analysis. Encryption at rest, enterprise-grade audit and security controls, SAML SSO for login, SCIM provisioning, and other features are included. Rollbar is ISO27001, CSA STAR certified, and complies with stringent industry standards such as HIPAA in the United States and EU GDPR. Instantly see and be notified of errors, including unhandled exceptions, as they happen. Create alerts using Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools. Thanks to our proprietary error fingerprinting and analysis engine, you can get an automatic grouping of similar mistakes to improve the signal-to-noise ratio significantly. View data on users affected, severity level, location, browser, OS, and more for each occurrence of an error so you can quickly prioritize and triage an issue. Get all the information you need to troubleshoot an error, including the stack trace, local variable values, HTTP request parameter values, associated deploys, and more. Use features like Telemetry to see all events leading up to the error to debug the mistakes faster.

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