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What is Santander?

Santander is an accounting program that allows you to check your account balance, locate a lost credit card, transfer funds and manage your credit cards, among other things. Our goal is to assist people and businesses in achieving their goals. We strive to meet our legal and regulatory obligations and exceed people’s expectations in our daily work. We concentrate our efforts in the areas where we, as a group, can make the most difference, enabling more people and businesses to prosper in a way that is both inclusive and long-term. We can create value for our stakeholders due to our loyalty strategy. Our talented and engaged team contributes to increasing customer loyalty to generate solid shareholder returns and support society. Our global scope is based on three geographic regions. We maintain a leadership position in each of our ten core markets. Our international operations allow us to work more closely together as a company, resulting in increased profits and efficiencies. Customer-centric approach- We strengthen customer loyalty by creating one-of-a-kind personal relationships. 

In over one billion people markets, Santander has 148 million customers. In our vast network of branches and customer service centers, our more than 100,000 employees deal directly with our customers daily. Online sales account for 44% of our total sales, and the use of digital channels is on the rise (6.1 million more mobile customers in 2020). Diversification- We are more resilient in the face of adversity because of our geographic and business diversification. Our customer segments are also well-diversified in our operations (individuals, SMEs, and large corporations). Our global companies also help to strengthen our local franchises. Santander creates products and services tailored to its clients’ needs. In each of our markets, we make full use of our global experience and tailor it to the market’s needs. Individuals, businesses, institutions, corporations, private banking, and universities benefit from Santander’s financial services, which are available to everyone. With tailored services and value-added wholesale products tailored to their complexity and sophistication while adhering to responsible banking standards that contribute to the advancement of society, Santander Corporate & Investment Banking is Santander’s global division that supports corporate and institutional clients. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, exceeding their expectations, and assisting them in achieving their objectives. As a result, we put a lot of effort into creating custom-tailored solutions and providing local expertise, fully-integrated coverage, and cross-border capabilities. 

Our expert teams use a wide range of specialized industry expertise to design and coordinate our banking solutions to meet clients’ needs all over the world. Our coverage model combines local knowledge with global expertise in the relevant industry. To provide the best banking solutions, we have three main roles tightly integrated and with our product teams. Our corporate strategy, The Santander Way, is in sync with our culture. It encompasses our goals, aspirations, and methods of operation. It is the foundation of our bank, which is a responsible one. We work in a simple, unique fairway, which our corporate culture expects. We provide easy-to-understand products and simple services to our customers. Every day, we improve our processes and use simple language. We offer a personalized service to our customers, ensuring that they receive the products and services that are most appropriate for their needs. We want every one of our customers and employees to feel valued and treated as if they were a part of a family. We are fair and equal in our treatment of our employees and customers, we are open and honest, and we keep our promises. We build strong relationships with various stakeholders because we recognize that what is good for them is also good for Santander’s bottom line. Eight corporate behaviors make up our culture. Our culture is defined by these behaviors, which are meant to guide how we work and live.

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