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What is SendGrid?

You can send the most beautiful email in the world, but if it ends up in your customers’ spam folders, you won’t get the desired results. SendGrid can help you with that. SendGrid is an email marketing platform that emphasizes email deliverability or makes sure that emails arrive in recipients’ inboxes rather than spam folders. Twilio, a communications platform, purchased SendGrid at the end of 2018. Their goal is to create a comprehensive customer engagement and marketing automation platform. Still, we’ll have to wait and see how the two products coexist and merge in the future. SendGrid also offers an email API service designed to make integrating other applications as simple as possible. Because SendGrid sells its API service as a separate product, this review will focus on its email marketing capabilities.

SendGrid, without a doubt, goes above and beyond when it comes to email deliverability. SendGrid is also big on integrations, with a separate API service that uses webhooks to ensure that data flows seamlessly between different apps. SendGrid, on the other hand, may not be the best overall email marketing solution because it lacks features like segmentation and automation. It isn’t a good choice for marketers who want to create highly personalized and complex campaigns. The features of SendGrid are a bit of a mixed bag. The email editor, analytics and reporting capabilities, and email deliverability are excellent. Still, the contact management, segmentation, and autoresponder features are limited. SendGrid’s main selling point is that they do a fantastic job with email deliverability. SendGrid helps you understand and improve the factors contributing to your sender’s reputation so that you don’t end up on any email blocklists. Bounce rate, the number of people who report your email as spam, IP health, spam trap email addresses, and unsubscribers are all factors to consider. Its email validation feature helps you improve your email delivery rates, opens, detecting email addresses that are misspelled, inactive, nonexistent, or disposable. You can customize existing templates, create a new email newsletter with drag-and-drop functionality, or code an email from scratch using SendGrid’s email editor. You can change the background color, text, and font and add new content blocks like buttons, images, texts, and snippets of code to customize the email’s design.

The ability to add tags to the message, which allows you to add custom fields, is one of the essential features of the email editor. It includes the recipient’s name and location and any other information you collect on your subscribers, allowing for a high level of personalization. SendGrid comes with one pre-built autoresponder — the Welcome series — but you can also create your automated email series from scratch. Signing up for your email newsletter are examples of triggers. Still, you can also use a contact list to complete automation. SendGrid has excellent analytics capabilities in general, including tracking the success of your autoresponder campaigns. You can track the overall success of your autoresponder campaign and the performance of each email. SendGrid provides a checklist to assist you in getting started. Still, some of the first steps will only make sense to people migrating from another email marketing solution or who have already planned out their integrations. SendGrid is an excellent option if you want very detailed reporting functionality that allows you to track emails by category and campaign. SendGrid also tells you whether your email will end up in your recipient’s inbox or their spam folder. SendGrid has a great email editor that allows you to personalize your campaigns by adding tags to your emails with standard customer information like name and location.

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