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What is Sentrifugo?

Sentrifugo is a cloud-based platform that includes performance evaluation, employee self-service, leave management, talent acquisition, asset management, and time tracking. It has customizable features and is completely free for small and medium businesses. Sentrifugo is a next-generation, high-powered HR management tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. Human Resource, Time Management, Leave Management, Performance Management, Self Service Request, Applicant Tracking, Exit Management, Expense and Asset Management, and other modules in the application suite enable HRs and users to add and modify employee records while also facilitating various rights to a role type.

Organizations can use the Performance Appraisal feature to create their appraisal process. It allows employees to rate and comment on their performance. They can identify future training requirements and set a benchmark for employees. Employees can use the system to update personal information, track time-off details, and schedule meetings and events based on teammates’ availability. Managers can customize reports as well as view and modify team member details. The solution provides comprehensive analytics of user activity, attrition rates, employees by department, and other critical words. It creates customized reports that can be viewed and exported to Excel or PDF. Sentrifugo verifies that job applicants provided accurate information. The system compiles an employee’s prior history and performs accuracy checks. Users can also assign background checks to agencies and track their progress. With a centralized summary, managers can easily view information. They can determine weekends, work hours, transfer requests, and other conditions to define management options for a department or an entire business unit. The system determines the holiday groups’ leave calendars and associates them with employees. The Service Request feature allows employees to submit requests, report incidents, and track their status by managing and configuring service request settings. Managers can assign executors and approvers at multiple levels and define request categories and types. The solution provides a complete cycle of resource requisition process from request initialization to candidate resume management. It can both create resource requisitions and get multiple levels of approval. Interview scheduling, shortlisting, and candidate selection are all capabilities. Users can schedule interviews based on the interviewer’s availability, receive alerts on their custom dashboard, and schedule follow-up interviews for selected candidates. They’ll be able to keep track of interview rounds, as well as feedback and candidate shortlists. The system keeps track of your assets and keeps them up to date. Managers can keep track of the company’s assets and assign them to the appropriate employees. Employees can request that assets that have failed to function be replaced or repaired. The disciplinary incident management processes are made easier with the Incident Management feature. Employee disciplinary incidents can be monitored and tracked, and employee statements and actions are taken. Organizations can make the employee exit process painless and straightforward. Users can use the system to submit and manage exit requests and create custom exit interview questions.

Sentrifugo has no hidden fees or trial periods, allowing businesses to save money while gaining access to HR capabilities. It is an open-source application that allows for complete customization to meet the organization’s needs. Policy documents can be created, uploaded, and managed by users. Dashboards eliminate time-consuming menu redirections and keep users informed about company-wide announcements. The system gives managers more visibility into employee expenses, managing them more effectively. Users can enter expenses and submit them for approval. It allows managers to get a complete picture of their employees’ travel expenses all at once. Users can create questions to assess the performance of managers and increase productivity. They can look at the overall rating and appraisal of managers and the ratings and assessments of specific questions and employees. Employees can provide feedback on the overall performance of their managers using this feature. Through its background check feature, Sentrifugo aids in the hiring process. As applicants progress through the system, users can monitor the status of their background checks.

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