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What is SnapHRM?

SnapHRM is an HR management software designed to be quick and straightforward to use. It was created to assist small and medium businesses in managing payroll, leaves, attendance, expenses, and awards, among other things. SnapHRM is a cutting-edge HR management system designed with speed and simplicity in mind. It is created for small and medium businesses. Apps for Android and iOS are available. It can help you with anything related to human resource management, including attendance, payroll, leave management, and even rewards and recognition. SnapHRM provides a single dashboard for both managers and employees. Employees use it to track their attendance, holidays, salary slips, birthdays, and more; managers, on the other hand, use it to keep track of the total number of employees, company expenses, whole departments, and appreciation.

SnapHRM’s human resource software workflow is straightforward, and anyone can use it. Not only that, but you can use your smartphone to perform almost all HR and payroll functions, regardless of where you are or what time it is. It is real-time data generated by reports for better business understanding. It has a consistent framework from front to back office, with all business activities looking the same. Reduce risk by implementing improved financial controls and information security. Lower operational costs by implementing a uniform and integrated framework. Exceptional and innovative user experience and design. Though there are numerous benefits to using SnapHRM, a few key features stand out as SnapHRM’s USP. It efficiently manages HR documents and reduces manual workload. Recruit and manage employees from anywhere. Share and publish important news and notices. Get employee summaries, such as how many are present, absent, or even assist you with payroll calculations. Our modules are simple to construct. All of your employee data is in one place, no matter where you are. Different types of leave can be created and managed. Obtain a summary of the number of employees you have. It’s simple! Payroll will generate with just one click. The salary components are simple to review and edit. Use shareable job pages to gather applicants. You can shortlist, schedule interviews, and select candidates with a simple drag-and-drop. Employees can clock in/out, apply for leaves, view notices/news, and much more. SnapHRM is a cutting-edge HR management system designed with speed and simplicity in mind.

An employee dashboard and a manager dashboard are both available in SnapHRM. Employees can track their attendance, check notices on their notice boards, see upcoming holidays and birthdays, and download salary slips from the employee dashboard. Employees can also submit expense reports, leave, and refer others to open job postings. Managers can view the total number of employees in the company, entire departments, awards, attendance, company expenses, and birthdays on the manager dashboard. Managers can create new employees, pay stubs, track attendance, and more. Managers can also use the solution to keep track of employee appreciation and awards. SnapHRM is one of the most popular cloud-based HR applications right now. Their sleek design is simple to understand, and they are frequently complimented on the quality of their customer service. They have a “Startup” version for up to 5 employees that is completely free. After that, it’s still one of the more affordable HR SaaS options, but the free version gives you access to the modules of SnapHRM.

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