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What is tomHRM?

TomHRM is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Employee recruitment, onboarding, talent development, training, and engagement are just a few of the processes that the platform helps companies to streamline and manage. The solutions in tomHRM enable businesses and employees to increase productivity and take advantage of Digital Workplace technologies. The venue is fully configurable, giving you complete control over which modules to use. It means you can select and pay for only the modules you require and customize the platform to meet your needs. You can also choose the all-in-one suite to address issues throughout the employee lifecycle. Applicant Tracking System, Onboarding Employees, and Leave and Absence Management Software are some of the apps available on the TomHRM platform. Time tracking software, goal management (OKR), one-on-one meetings, surveys, tests, quizzes, 360-degree feedback, and learning and training management are all included.

Businesses can use tom ham’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automate recruiting operations and hire the best candidates through customizable screening. Screening questions, customizing sourced candidates with custom fields, detailed candidate profiles, resume parsing, team collaboration, interview, call scheduling, email templates, and employee records are just a few of the available features. Users can manage PTO requests, balances, check-ins/check-outs, approvals, and more with TomHRM’s time management app. TomHRM provides a goals management tool that aligns individual, team, and company OKRs, schedules meetings, and provides feedback to manage and improve employee performance. Users can use an API to integrate solutions with third-party software and white-label them on the platform. Customize the platform to meet your specific requirements, and only pay for modules you use! From the Career Page to the first day of work for a new employee, provide an exceptional candidate experience. Handle the whole employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement: easily renew contracts, evaluate employees’ performance, and provide training to help them advance their careers. Automate HR processes to save time on repetitive tasks. Improve internal communication, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement with a user-friendly Intranet that includes features such as a company wall with updates, news, and an idea box, among others.

TomHRM software provides a suite of HR applications to automate workflow. Assign job positions to onboarding processes and keep track of employee progress. Conduct an online survey, collect data, and export it as a CSV file. TomHRM is extremely useful for HR representatives, recruiters, business owners, training managers, team leaders, etc. Still, it can be used by any employee in the company. TomHRM can be integrated with Google Calendar or Office 365 to ensure a smooth data flow. The platform is combined with other HR and back-office tools via API. Email, contact form, and live chat are all options for contacting customer service. TomHRM is a flexible tool that HR teams can use to manage recruitment and other matters, or by all employees in their daily work to track time, register absences and leaves, send requests, communicate with coworkers, and browse internal information, among other things. TomHRM automates all inefficient and time-consuming processes and paperwork. To be sure, TomHRM is designed for teams, and the best results are obtained when the tool is used across the entire organization

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