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What is VAIRKKO Suite?

The VAIRKKO Suite is a unified platform designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline workforce management, performance tracking, and learning management operations. A human resource information system (HRIS) allows HR teams to collect and store employee information in a centralized database. Employee scheduling, onboarding, social learning, applicant tracking, document management, reporting, time tracking, automated notifications, and more are all included in the VAIRKKO Suite. Managers can use the application to create policies, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and train employees. Administrators can also use VAIRKKO Suite to track employee attendance, manage payroll processes, and gain insight into employee activities and behavior.

Our cloud products are fully integrated and can be purchased individually, allowing any organization to scale up over time by adding products only as needed. We take pride in our customer-centric approach, evident in everything we do every day. Thanks to the self-service interface, employees can get the information they need quickly and easily. HR departments can enter and track an unlimited number of employees and communicate with them via mass email, text message, internal messaging, and other methods. HR and payroll data, contact and medical information, documents, and more are all stored and managed in this system. Instantly switch between employees, update records, respond to inquiries, be reminded of upcoming assignments and reminders, and even conduct exit interviews when employees depart. Each new hire provides an engaging, tailored, and streamlined onboarding process. To standardize processes, use customizable templates. Assign new hires big and small tasks, and let critical players know when they’re done during onboarding. Run reports to gain insight and visibility into onboarding and improve retention rates. For any job, find and hire the best candidate. Create custom applications and questionnaires that ask the right questions and aid in selecting the best candidates. Streamline the interview and hiring process for candidates with a pipeline that can be configured to trigger actions at any stage automatically. Scorecards are used to grade applicants based on predetermined criteria objectively. Manage communications, emails, documents, job postings, and interview schedules from a single platform. Schedule automation and streamlined processes like shift trading and buildable recurring work patterns and rotations allow you to work lesson plans. With its intuitive schedule editor, you can create and edit an unlimited number of schedules and shifts, as well as manage them weekly, monthly, or daily. Reassign, add, and remove employees from the work roster, establish work-hour rules to avoid overworking, and keep track of clock-ins and time off. Staff can access their schedules from any device at any time for self-service and self-scheduling, as well as sync their schedules with personal calendar apps. Make unlimited polls and surveys, distribute them to employees, and collect and analyze the results in real-time to help the team make better data-driven decisions. Set up question categories, limit the number of times people can respond, and have polls close if they aren’t completed. Reduces payroll processing time, eliminates costly data entry errors and eliminates the need for hand-cut adjustment checks. All included are time clocks, staff and management cards, and time cards with customizable punch rules and data exporting to payroll providers for processing or external systems for further analysis. Employees can log in using a username and password, RFID, or even fingerprint biometrics at no additional cost with the enhanced time clocks.

Employees can keep track of their training, certifications, medical records, licenses, tests, and more across multiple companies and locations. Create roadmaps for employees to follow to complete training paths and obtain certificates. A skills matrix can be used to track team members’ skill levels visually. Allows anyone to upload their records and access training data and assignments regardless of location. Employees and staff can receive online training. Distribute timely and appropriate learning content to the entire workforce. Create online tutorials on various topics, including newer technology, revised corporate standards, new-hire orientations, annual competencies, and more. Its automation engine makes training simple to implement. Add to your company’s traditional training with various extensive course options from the shelf. Allows businesses to build an unlimited number of classroom training programs that employees can sign up for and access via a user-friendly web interface. Teachers can easily print student rosters or sign-in sheets, and class certificates. They can also copy students from one class to the next and look up student training information such as CEU/PDUs, courses, times, and dates. Assess an employee’s practical competence level for any task or scenario. Develop skills testing for newly introduced equipment, a scenario-based skills test, or a comprehensive aptitude assessment that evaluates employees in all aspects of their jobs. All skill tests are graded numerically, and feedback responses are provided for better tracking and benchmarking.

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