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What is VCS?

VCS Software streamlines all of your time and labor management needs, including time and attendance tracking, real-time labor scheduling, shift trades, time off requests, compliance monitoring, leave management, and more. VCS workforce management software is a human resources powerhouse that allows you to manage your employees more efficiently and effectively than ever before. HR, Time & Labor, Payroll, Talent Management, and Analytics capabilities in our core and employee engagement. VCS is a workforce management platform that enables municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and police or fire departments to create and schedule employee work requests. Reminders, a time clock, real-time updates, attendance management, employee availability tracking, and customizable reporting are just a few of the features.

VCS has a staffing AI feature that allows supervisors to approve, reject, and distribute overtime shifts, apply pay rules automatically, and create a scheduling workflow under union rules, contracts, and state and federal regulations. Department heads use the software to swap shifts during staff shortages, manage multiple job assignments, and select qualified members to cover modifications. Managers can plan and assign training sessions, review certification history, and keep track of certificate expiration dates. Supervisors can track activity and measure employee productivity using the monitoring tools by ADP, Kronos, AccuFund, Paychex, Action Data Services, Navision, Paycor, PeopleSoft, LotusHR, and SAP are among the third-party applications. It allows teams to communicate with their members via email, phone, and text messaging. Employees can also use mobile devices to manage their schedules, request paid time off (PTO), and participate in shift bidding. VCS software uses artificial intelligence to streamline all of your time and labor management needs, including time and attendance tracking, real-time labor scheduling, time-off requests, shift trades, shift bidding opportunities, compliance monitoring, leave management, staffing optimization, and task management. They are looking at the status of projects or the number of customers served. VCS Employee Scheduling is a full-featured scheduling solution for agencies and small businesses. VCS Employee Scheduling offers end-to-end Web App scheduling solutions. Messaging, Event Calendar, Shift Swapping, Payroll Management, and Recruiting Management are all available in one place with this online Scheduling system. VCS software simplifies human resources, time and labor, payroll, and talent management for today’s modern workforce. It is compatible with all private businesses, government organizations, and public safety agencies. Our core provides basic functionality to help you better manage your workforce. In contrast, our modules provide additional functionality that can be added as needed, allowing for custom-configured solutions tailored to each client’s needs without the time and cost of custom coding.

To provide a fully integrated, all-in-one HR solution, VCS integrates with all payroll providers and partners with top HR players like JazzHR. VCS Workforce Management for Android allows hosted clients to use their Android devices to perform various tasks. VCS works seamlessly with ADP Workers API and Pay-Data-Input API. AION, the Intelligent Workforce Management for Municipalities solution, is a proven, fully-integrated scheduling, time & attendance solution designed specifically for municipalities. AION simplifies scheduling, automates payroll processing, and reduces labor costs and overtime expenses by automating labor-intensive processes associated with employee time and attendance management. AION’s ability to integrate civilian and non-civilian timekeeping needs allows for precise schedule creation that aligns labor with demand while adhering to municipal regulatory policies and compliance issues. Intelligent Workforce Management for Police & Law Enforcement Police scheduling can be complex. Still, our flagship software product, POSS, is well-equipped to handle even the most challenging time and attendance issues. We’ve been doing ride alongs for over 20 years and have incorporated what we’ve learned into all of our features.

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