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What is Viventium Software?

Viventium Software is a cloud-based payroll and HR solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Employee Self Service (ESS) is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Viventium Software is a flexible human capital management (HCM) software solution that assists users with payroll, human resources, talent acquisition, ACA tracking, business intelligence, and time and attendance. It’s a simple piece of software that delivers a fantastic user experience. Our software comes with all of the standard features you’d expect from a reputable provider, including statutory tables and reports that are updated as needed. The software complies with legal requirements in each country where it is used and can be used to generate standard reports and statutory output. Payslips can be printed or delivered directly to the individual via email or self-service to meet employee expectations in the digital age. 

Users can track employees using Viventium Software’s integrated HRIS system, including data on employment, payroll, and HR capabilities, and add notes and upload documents to each profile. Users can then provide critical information to employees, such as employee policy handbooks. Employees can use the ESS app to request paid time off, which managers can approve or deny. Users can conduct a mock HR audit modeled after the official DOL audit to ensure compliance with all regulations. Users can preview payroll before submitting it and create custom reports using various visualization options in the payroll solution. Users can also create a custom HR action plan, conduct a strategic HR needs gap analysis, develop and research HR policy, develop organizational charts, conduct studies of any data within the system to create customized reports, create new hire packets, and conduct employee surveys using Viventium. Viventium Software Inc. is a SaaS-based human capital management solution with a unique user experience and intuitive design that anyone can use. Viventium provides clients with flexible software and expert guidance to ensure that their payroll is completed correctly. Employees are organized into an org structure for reporting, permissions, and other purposes throughout the application. Time, attendance, PTO, sick time, schedules, and other workforce-related data are tracked. Employees can submit expense reports and track reimbursements using this feature. Employees can submit expense reports and track reimbursements utilizing this feature. Manages each role’s job descriptions and pay grades/structures. Ensures compliance standards are met through tracking and reporting, which helps protect risk areas. Employees can manage their benefit plans by viewing them, making changes during the open enrollment, and changing their life events.

For Application Programming Interface, employers can track and manage payroll deductions based on the plan options they choose. Allows administrators to customize their processes to fit their needs. Custom objects, fields, rules, calculations, and views can all be created. The way the application interacts with other software is described in this specification. APIs are typically used to connect data, logic, objects, and other software applications. Allows users to view and transact business in multiple languages and currencies using the same content. Depending on the users, user roles, groups, and other factors, grant access to specific data, features, objects, etc.

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