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What is Microsoft 365 ( formerly Office 365)?

What is Microsoft 365 ( formerly Office 365)?

Office 365

Everything started around  9 years ago when Microsoft launched its product called Office 365. It’s a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s popular productivity suite Microsoft office.

A couple of months ago Office 365 changed its name and became Microsoft 365. Looking to make a point with the rebranding, Microsoft calls it the ’’subscription service for your life“.  It includes the same apps as Office 365, at least for now.

But, let’s get back to basics and explain what Microsoft 365 is.

Microsoft 365 ( formerly Office 365)  provides users with simple productivity tools that are required to get modern business work done. They can easily integrate with Focos.

It offers the same basic applications as standard versions, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, but it can also include different apps and services such as OneDrive, Acces, Planner, Publisher, SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams.

It also offers various plans to suit the needs of both home and business users, in addition to corporate users.

Don’t forget that there are also online and mobile-only versions of Office known as Office Online.

Nowadays, in this modern mobile-centric enterprise, Microsoft 365 offers the tools used to get work done effectively.

Let’s go through some of the most common questions about office 365.

So, what’s the difference between Office 365 and previous versions of Office?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning that users pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service, which is way easier than purchasing a one-time copy of the suite.

A very convenient thing is that users always have access to the latest version as the platform gets updated at Microsoft’s end.

There is no need for users to install software or maintain any hardware in order to run it. It comes with cloud storage space and email hosting, which is perfect because users can host their files online and have access to them whenever they want.

Why is Office 365 good for your business?

It’s not a secret that over a billion people have been using Office products. When it comes to business, Microsoft offers great deals!

Office has evolved into various intelligent tools that allow organizations to be more productive and effective. With plenty of options available, companies can get access to the tools they need instantly.

With office, all the apps and services are connected, to each other and to the wider web, which makes teamwork easier. Just imagine how much time your employees can save by using handy office tools such as online meetings, team chat, co-authoring, sharing files, and group emails. With cloud storage and mobile apps, organizations are able to work wherever, whenever with secure access to tasks, conversations, content, and schedules.

What apps and services does Office 365 offer for businesses?

This depends on which subscription level the user chooses, but the core apps and services included in Office 365 are:

  •         Word
  •         Excel
  •         PowerPoint
  •         Outlook
  •         OneNote
  •         Publisher
  •         Exchange
  •         SharePoint
  •         Skype for Business
  •         Microsoft Teams
  •         OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software suites in the world. Anyone who has used a computer in the past three decades came in contact with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and probably used Skype for communication and Outlook for sending emails.

Today, in modern times, we can see that Microsoft has envisioned the workplace of the future. With Microsoft 365, and everything it includes,  it’s obvious that they have not stopped creating increasingly useful tools and features, and they probably never will.

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