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What is Wisp?

WISP is a simple SaaS service that helps to create customizable employee apps. All the changes made with the web admin panel sync to members’ phones. WISP helps your team to keep in touch. Share and discuss updates. Introduce the team and what it stands for to a new member. Provide quick access to members’ contact details. Any group united by a common idea and purpose, who don’t meet up daily, will find WISP extremely helpful. WISP assists businesses in improving their human resource practices. WISP provides each employee with a customized iOS or Android mobile application with the essential information about their company. There is no need to check with heavy Intranet resources because corporate policies, staff contacts, and company news are all in one app. WISP chat allows employees to communicate with one another. WISP can be used for onboarding, adaptation, and information for employees.

Wisp software is a platform that allows companies to create mobile intranets for their employees. Add your company’s logo, brand, and contact information to the app. You can collaborate with your team and use the mobile app. The app is immediately available for download on the App Store and Google Play. HR managers use the software in small, medium, and large businesses. WISP is a mobile-first Intranet solution that allows you to create employee handbook apps for corporate information and communication. Thanks to the mobile-first approach, any employee with a smartphone can easily access important corporate information such as corporate policy and rules, company news, and a staff contact list. It also establishes a secure corporate communication channel via the built-in instant messenger. WISP makes onboarding new employees more accessible and increases employee participation. The solution is simple to implement and maintain. The apps are made for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile, the three most popular mobile platforms. It ensures that most smartphone owners have access to the corporate mobile intranet. Customizing and branding your employee applications is possible with this solution. You can add your company’s logo, change the app’s color to match your brand’s guidelines, and add company information. It’s also possible to manage who has access to which apps’ content. You can tag employees and can share information with specific groups. A push notification is sent to users whenever new information is added. HR managers will create polls with the latest update. The results will be available on all WISP-connected employee devices. Employees will also share files up to 200MB in all formats. They will be able to share their status (online/offline) and see the status of sent messages (delivered/read) due to the WISP update.

The WISP app serves as a mobile employee manual. It makes its HR management practices of onboarding, employee engagement, and employee information easier to implement. WISP sends the most critical corporate information directly to employees’ mobile phones. Your portable employee handbook will provide users with quick access to company policies, knowledge, and contact information (phone numbers, Skype IDs, and e-mail addresses). WISP’s news sharing and the commenting feature will keep employees up to date on what’s going on in the company. They’ll also communicate with one another via a corporate instant messenger. The app is easy to navigate and manage. The web interface is used to configure and customize it. All changes made in the web interface are reflected in the app right away. To begin using your custom corporate employee handbook app, you must first register at wispapp.com.

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