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What is WizeHire?

WizeHire is a cloud-based recruitment solution aimed primarily at real estate professionals. Businesses and teams of all sizes can use the key. WizeHire searches through data and insights to find qualified candidates for job openings on the site. In addition, the solution uses cognitive science and machine learning technology to provide suggestions that assist recruiters in making candidate selection decisions. The notifications are customized to track applicant activity. Recruiters can post jobs in multiple cities on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, among others. Recruiters can also use WizeHire to post jobs on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. WizeHire provides phone and email support. Monthly subscriptions are available for the services.

WizeHire’s robust industry-approved templates assist users in creating high-performing job ads. It improves job visibility by providing expert advice on job title, job description, competitive compensation, and other topics. It enables users to post on more than 60 job boards to attract and hire top-tier candidates. It evaluates qualified candidates using a combination of screening questions and personality tests. It provides users with tags and filters to organize applicants, data-driven recommendations, and the ability to create custom hiring stages. You can create a high-quality job ad that will attract the best candidates in minutes. To hire top talent in the industry, use expert-approved job templates to create succinct job descriptions. Monitoring job postings ensure the best results and provide helpful advice to make them stand out from the crowd. It aids in attracting and hiring the best candidates for a specific position. To find the right fit, sort candidates by skills, qualifications, experience level, and more. Personality assessments and screening questions assess the applicants’ personalities and abilities. Before putting a job on the market, hire managers to ensure it has the right job title, location, responsibilities, and compensation to entice people to apply. Manage all applicants from a centralized dashboard, move them from one hiring stage to the next, and send alerts. It allows recruiters to keep track of all candidates in one place. Dental, hospitality, insurance, legal, mortgage, and real estate are among the industries it serves. It allows small businesses to expand their workforce without spending more money.

WizeHire is a month-to-month online recruiting service for small business owners and executives who want to hire the best talent. It streamlines the hiring process and provides the best candidates for the job. Contracts and commission fees are not required. Wizehire is trusted by over 6,000 small businesses to help them build a great team. Use interview guides based on the best psychological principles to gain valuable insight into the applicant’s interests, abilities, aptitude, and skill sets. To improve productivity, communication, teamwork, and predict job fit, use DISC, a personality assessment scoring system that judges candidates on four key behavior dimensions: decisive, interactive, stable, and cautious. Expert advice on compensation, job ad optimization, SEO, and best career page practices is available to attract the best talent for your company. Create job ads with screening questions and templates that experts have reviewed. Post job ads on more than 60 job boards, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and more. To find a match for a specific position, use data-driven applicant recommendations based on skill sets, experience, aptitude, and personality. Choose from a list of pre-written screening questions about job accomplishments, technical skills, education, industry knowledge, soft skills, work experience, and more. Users can create custom questions based on their specific business requirements.

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