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What is Workable?

Workable is an app where you can fully interact with candidates in your hiring pipeline. You can examine the information on resumes and profiles, edit the profiles of potential candidates,  send emails, make a schedule, and post your comments. You can also share Candidates’ resumes, complete evaluations and interview scorecards, and advance candidates through the hiring process. Disqualify candidates by sending and approving offer letters. People Search is a helpful tool. You can view the number of requisitions assigned to a job’s pipeline by marking them as filled. You can also see your Workable Inbox and Agenda, communicate with candidates via phone or text, and filter candidates by “Slipping Away” and “Popular.”. The app does not allow you to create or manage job postings.

Workable instantly submit your job ad to up to 200+ job sites at once, ensuring that you reach more people in less time. A workable, user-friendly dashboard shows users what’s new, what’s next, and what’s left to complete for each job and candidate in real-time. Workable integrates with Google, Outlook, and other important email and calendar apps, allowing you to communicate with applicants and teams from anywhere. Workable’s People Search technology finds your ideal candidates by filtering 400 million candidate profiles based on your preferred criteria. Workable’s 4-star mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows teams to keep hiring going even while they’re not at their desk. With automated reports, you can see and share the data that matters right now. Workable interfaces with your favorite BI tools, so you can go further on your own. Workable’s AI selects 1000+ of your best passive applicants with a single click of a button, then posts your job ad on their social media feeds. Workable is ISO-certified. It means we satisfy the most stringent security and data protection standards globally. Workable is the most popular hiring platform on the globe. Businesses of all sizes and industries used the platform to manage in-house recruitment and hire the best personnel. Employers can use the platform to analyze your applications, connect with you, set up interviews, and finalize the offer. Workable maintains security certifications and adheres to industry-accepted standards and regulations to ensure the safety and security of your data, including ISO 27001: Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Companies can use Workable’s cloud-based recruitment tool. The tool helps businesses manage the hiring process to post job openings online, screen candidates, arrange interviews, and keep track of notes, communication, comments, and analytics. Our goal is to allow the recruitment tools available. In one solution, you’ll find procedures, automation, and more. On a platform that automates the admin, you can move faster. Workable automated manual activities, such as acquiring approvals, providing reports, maintaining compliance, and more, from requisition to offer letter. Workable makes it simple to hire the appropriate applicant for any function, whether you’re a one-person shop or a 100-person company. All in one system, work fast with hiring teams to evaluate applications, collect fair and consistent feedback, check for unconscious bias, and determine the qualified. Workable assists you in developing and promoting your brand in the areas where your future applicants are most likely to be found. Whether they’re actively looking or not, you’re always in their thoughts.

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