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What is Wrapbook?

Wrapbook is a payroll solution for the entertainment industry that helps companies hire and manage employees, vendors, and contractors while adhering to industry regulations. Team members can create personalized profiles with their name, contact information, images, projects, timecards, and preferred payment methods. Wrapbook allows supervisors to capture electronic signatures on onboarding paperwork and imported contracts like NDAs, production agreements, and the Wage Threat Prevention Act. Managers can use it to create tax filings and set up union payments, such as SAG-AFTRA, DGA, WGA, and AEA. Administrators can view expenses, configure permission rights, handle payment approvals, receive custom notifications, and maintain a crew database on a centralized platform using the built-in management tools.

Wrapbook enables businesses to connect the platform to a variety of third-party applications. Support is provided via FAQs, documentation, email, and other online measures, and pricing is based on the number of wages paid. Wrapbook’s best feature is its low price. Wrapbook charges .75 percent and 1.5 percent, whereas other payroll companies charge 3-5 percent. With AB5 and Dynamex requiring payroll for even the smallest shoots, it’s great to have an option that reduces my P&W from upwards of 25% to closer to 20%. Wrapbook is simple to use. Logging in and uploading all of their payroll forms and time cards is a breeze for the crew. On the administrative side, tracking the team’s status who have uploaded or need to upload is a breeze. It has reduced the amount of time we spend on payroll by half. As with other programs, they do not need to be uploaded again once someone has been uploaded. Overall, this is a fantastic product, and the customer service is prompt and courteous. Developed a payroll and production management platform for the media and entertainment industries that makes it easier to onboard, pay, and insure employees. The company’s platform includes onboarding and digital payment services for vendors and contractors, tax filing and payments, billable time tracking, expense approval, and more, allowing entertainment industry clients to focus on their work rather than complex systems, compliance burdens, and high transaction costs.

Filmmaking is a difficult task. It shouldn’t be challenging to pay your cast and crew. Wrapbook, a powerful and user-friendly platform for managing productions, can handle timecards, payroll, and insurance. Payroll Services for the Entertainment Industry Control the Payroll Chaos in the Entertainment Industry. Wrapbook allows you to receive and approve timecards, invoices, kit fees, mileage, and expenses. Wrapbook calculates wages and taxes for you automatically, allowing you to run payroll whenever you want. Onboarding made it more accessible. Onboard Your Cast and Crew Effortlessly You have more important things to do than look for W4s and I9s. Cast and crew complete all of their pre-production paperwork in Wrapbook, which allows them to link their bank accounts, agents, unions, and Coogan accounts. Wrapbook remembers their information, so they only have to sign up once. Affordable. Transparent Payroll Pricing in the Entertainment Industry Wrapbook is one of the most cost-effective entertainment payroll solutions available, with a fee of only 0.75 percent of payments. Reinvest more funds in your production budget.

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