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What is Yesware?

Yesware assists high-performing sales teams with large-scale email outreach. Yesware is a good option if you need to increase revenue through email outreach but don’t want to invest in complex enterprise sales software. Yesware Outlook and Gmail add-on sits right in your inbox, tracks your activity, and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools. Yesware is used by companies like Yelp, Experian, and Teach for America to improve pipeline and increase closed-won conversions. Yesware, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is an email tracking and outreach platform (United States). Its email tracker assists you in running campaigns in email clients such as Gmail or Outlook. “It’s not hardware, it’s not software,” says Matthew Bellows, CEO of Yesware. “It’s Yesware,” says the narrator. 

You can use a Book a Time feature to set email reminders and schedule meetings. It can aid salespeople in their prospecting and email marketing efforts. Writing emails from scratch takes time, but Yesware uses a template, fills in your information, and sends it out! Make sure, however, that your sales team customizes these email templates. Yesware is a sales toolkit that has everything you need. Right from your inbox, you can connect with prospects, track customer engagement, and close deals with this tool Yesware’s pre-made templates can help you get started quickly. Use a template, fill in your information, and send it out! Make sure, however, that your sales team customizes these email templates. Yesware is a sales toolkit that has everything you need. Right from your inbox, you can connect with prospects, track customer engagement, and close deals with this tool. Yesware includes powerful campaigns that allow you to send mass emails to many opportunities directly from your Gmail inbox. Yesware’s campaigns will enable you to combine contact information from various sources, including CSV files, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce, and any other compatible CRM. This feature helps you increase sales productivity because you don’t have to add recipients when sending large sales campaigns manually. To improve your business relationships with your prospects, you can personalize your campaigns for each of them. Yesware’s email scheduling feature is called Send Later. It allows you to enter a date and time to schedule your emails. When that time comes, Yesware will send an email to the customer. You can send emails when the prospect is most likely to check their inbox, increasing engagement! Yesware also allows you to create schedules based on the recipient’s time zone.

You’ll sell more effectively with Yesware. Right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox, the tool allows you to track emails and work more efficiently. Utilize data on when your prospects read your email, clicked on the link, and which email templates are most effective to gain a better understanding of your prospects. Yesware syncs your data automatically, so you’ll spend less time manually entering data into your CRM. The tool eliminates productivity barriers by incorporating data insights and sales communication tools into your email workspace, allowing sales teams to make smarter and faster decisions. Yesware’s tracking lets users get real-time notifications about what type of content a prospect catches their interest. Prioritization, follow-ups, and a higher call connection rate are all aided by this. Yesware syncs all user interactions with prospects, including 1:1 emails, mail merges, phone calls, presentations, and calendar invites, directly from their inboxes. Yesware’s Salesforce Sidebar allows users to update Salesforce contacts, leads, and accounts. The open and reply rates for email templates used by individuals and entire teams are displayed in Yesware’s customizable and shareable templates. It allows salespeople to share their best-performing templates with their colleagues, allowing them to improve their sales outreach and close more deals faster. Yesware enables salespeople and sales teams to connect with more potential customers thoughtfully. Our Outlook add-on gives you everything you need to prospect, schedule meetings, and follow up right from your inbox. We provide tools for teams to track, analyze, and standardize what’s working across the board. Yesware has been downloaded and installed more than 1.2 million times. Yesware is trusted every day by world-class sales organizations at companies like Yelp, Twitter, and to power their sales workflow and drive revenue growth.

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