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What is Zoho People?

Zoho People is a human resource management system. It’s a centralized platform for organizing, automating, and streamlining HR processes. The cloud-based HR management system makes it simple for users to take care of their employees, from attendance management and onboarding to time tracking and appraisals. They can manage all of their HR administrative actions in one place with a secure online employee database. It also offers a 360-degree perspective, which aids and simplifies employee performance evaluations. Users of Zoho People can create custom modules by adding forms and tabs to meet their specific needs. It has drag-and-drop capabilities. Employee self-service allows them to access, update, and modify their records under organizational policies. HR staff can use the File Cabinet feature to store and share HR and company-related documents. Employees are notified about policy changes and other notifications via Zoho People’s live feed. 

Zoho People has several plan options. A free basic features plan is available for up to 5 employees. The Essential HR plan costs $1 per month per employee, plus applicable taxes. Basic HR features employee self-service login and leaves management are all included. The Professional plan costs $2 per month per employee and includes attendance and timesheets. The Premium plan costs $3 per month per employee, whereas the Enterprise plan costs $5 per employee. These plans include more advanced features and discounts for yearly subscriptions. There is a 15-day trial period available. An employee database management system is included in Zoho People, which streamlines data collection and secure storage. The centralized database facilitates the setup of organizations and the maintenance of employee records. The HR solution also includes tools to keep HR staff and employees informed and productive while on the go. It comes with an attendance tracker, leave tracker, task time tracker, and shift schedule management. When evaluating employee performance, this HRMS gives users a better picture and more insight. It allows them to customize the appraisal cycle in other ways, such as giving and receiving feedback throughout the year or using evaluation modules like KRA and Goals. Employees can review and review their coworkers, allowing managers to learn more about each team member. Employees can submit questions to HR through the Case Management module. HR can sort, resolve issues quickly, and track consistently.

Employee self-service portals, for example, eliminate mediators and give employees more autonomy in viewing and maintaining their records with Zoho People. It has feeds and notifications that keep people up to date on all activities at work. HR can more efficiently manage and share letters, contracts, and policies. It also has digital signature integrations with Zoho Sign, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. There are also native android and iOS apps available.

Zoho People is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes in various industries, including media, advertising, IT, education, healthcare, and finance. English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Turkish, and Arabic are all supported. Credit, People First, Teena, Abou Ghaly Motors, Ezhoms, and Gudgeon are clients. With over a decade of experience, Zoho People has proven to be a stable and reliable HR system. It gets more intuitive and relevant with regular updates. Zoho’s product integration and customer support add to the list of benefits.

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