According to HubSpot, which of the following tools can be used to \converting\" visitors to leads?" - Focos

According to HubSpot, which of the following tools can be used to \converting\” visitors to leads?”

According to HubSpot, which of the following tools can be used to converting” visitors to leads?”


People studying digital marketing often learn about the attract-convert-delight sequence of Inbound marketing. However, very few of them are able to even execute the first part of the sequence. And, that’s nothing unusual. 

Actually, most marketers have a huge problem with turning their website traffic into profit. Or, to put it in another way, they don’t know how to turn visitors into paying leads. 

Blog Promotion

Well, it’s much easier to do that when you are using HubSpot. There are a bunch of blog templates ready for use to write enticing blog posts. Then, you can share them on social media, or rank the blog posts for relevant keywords. 

That’s how you’ll attract first visitors. However, the blog is only the initial step of the conversion. You want to entice users with links and offers, and send them to a landing page.

However, maybe the blog post that attracted visitors isn’t your most important blog piece. Regardless, you want to link it internally with other blogs and pages and guide the user to the landing page where you want him to convert.  

Landing Page

A landing page is an all-round term for pages that have a purpose for users to perform a single action. Its most notable staple is the CTA or call-to-action which is located at the end of the page. 

Users can find your landing page through blogs, social media, or paid campaigns. Landing pages are great for converting visitors since they allow you to seal the deal in a single swoop. But maybe your landing page isn’t for selling products. 

Maybe you want them to download a document, whitepaper, or a tool. You might want to do that to acquire an email address, so you can put the visitor into a marketing funnel, and turn them into leads.  

Content Offers

The greatest thing about Inbound methodology is the variety of content you have to produce. And the more content you produce, the more you’ll have to share with your potential leads. 

Thus, you want to lead a visitor to a landing page with a content offer or have a pop-up window on your blog post. Then, you want to pursue them to exchange their email address for the download. 

You can see this a lot on the HubSpot website. There are a bunch of guides, whitepapers, templates, and ebooks you can download for the price of your email address. So, if you managed to get this far, you are ready to start the Inbound marketing process.

Email Marketing

Out of all marketing tools and methods, almost nothing beats email marketing. The Inbound marketing methodology incites you to segment your potential leads, and craft offers specifically for them. 

Then, as you got their email address, you can send them more content, send them offers, promos, or anything else to help them convert. 

Usually, sending news, tips or tricks can help you inform and interest visitors. There are a lot of tools to help you find your leads. 

Use It All Together

However, it all comes down to what your actual business needs are. Use the tools according to your business model and get the most out of it. 

You can do even more if you properly prepare your workspace. You can do it all with a single app, reducing clutter and improving productivity with Focos.

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