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How to use HubSpot?

How to use HubSpot?

How to use HubSpot

You probably heard a lot about HubSpot, and maybe even purchased a plan. Yet, as you install various Hubs and integrations, you may find it too complicated to start using the app. 

If that’s the case, don’t worry. There’s a large knowledge base available on HubSpot, as well as courses you can learn from, and use them to help you start using Hubs and implementing Inbound marketing methodology. 

Set Up Your Account

As with most marketing software, you start with creating an account. You’ll fill out basic information after you purchase the subscription. 

These include your name, company name, your website, and so on. When you enter your information, you are going to access all features available with your Hubs. 

But, before you start using them, make sure you understand what features are necessary for your success. 

Start With CRM

CRM or customer relationship management is a strategy for turning visitors into leads and retaining customers. HubSpot’s CRM is great since it allows you to integrate it with your email service. 

And, you can add up to a million contacts! Of course, you probably won’t add that many, but you are going to add a lot. Segment them into groups and lists, and organize them according to your marketing and sales needs.

Now that you know where different prospects are in the sales funnel, you can start using hubs to finish their buyer’s journey. 

Use Hubs

Based on the Hubs and plans you purchased, you’ll get access to various tools to help your business. The reason behind the popularity of HubSpot as a marketing service is because it allows you to improve your website simply. 

Maybe you already have a great marketing funnel, and you want to increase your sales. In that case, you can use various sales tools to complete the customer’s buyer’s journey. 

The point of the Hubs is to get what you need to make your business grow. Some people need the whole package of enterprise plans, while some need a single subscription. 

Either way, when the end of the month comes, you’ll see how much your business really improved. 

Test and Optimize

Finally, the best thing about HubSpot is that it has a lot of tools for optimization, analytics, and testing. You can track your progress, and measure your results.

There are many dashboards and analytics to track your progress. You can also customize them, to track specific metrics. Additionally, there are a bunch of testing tools like A/B tools to test landing pages, headlines, and so on. 

After you are done testing, you can set new goals, create a new buyer’s journey, or continue using the same marketing model. 

Integrate it further

HubSpot brings the best results when you know what your business needs. Then, you can purchase the best plan, automatize, and deliver. 

But if you want to really upgrade your business, you should use it with Focos. Not only will it elevate your marketing to the next level, but you’ll also be able to deliver it in a fast, clutter-free digital office.

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