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How to remove HubSpot from Gmail?

How to remove HubSpot from Gmail?

How to remove HubSpot from Gmail

Using HubSpot can improve your business exponentially. But, not all users are thrilled to share their sensitive data with HubSpot. So, some users want to continue using the service without sharing too much of their data. 

In that case, they have to remove their Gmail account from the HubSpot app. Here’s how you can do it, too.

The Process

The only thing you need to is remove the HubSpot extension from your Gmail account. If you want to remove it go to your browser. For this example, let’s say you are using Google Chrome. 

Click on the Setting menu. Then, click More tools and choose Extensions. Find the HubSpot extension and remove it. You can also disable some features from the HubSpot app. 

This is the easiest way to remove it fully. However, if you do that, you’ll experience both positive and negative consequences. 


The greatest thing about removing HubSpot from Gmail is that you protect your data more efficiently. HubSpot won’t be able to access your data, as well as other data you don’t allow it to. 

Also, you’ll retain all your business contacts, as well as your dashboards, analytics, and other website, sales, and marketing data. In this scenario, you are probably going to use templates or testing tools to improve your business.

So, removing HubSpot from Gmail allows you to use tools and allows you to control all your data. But, there are things you are going to miss out on. 


The thing you are going to lack is the complete integration of HubSpot software. When you use all features of HubSpot software you get advanced analytics, tracking systems, tools, advanced CRM to control the buyer’s journey of leads, and more. 

When you sync your Gmail with HubSpot you’ll get to transfer all your business data with the software. Afterward, you can use that data to run complex marketing strategies, track leads, devise sales plan for them, and test your results. With dashboards and analytics, you check the data, revise the strategy, and try it out again. 

However, if you do that, you risk compromising your data. The only thing left to do is consider whether the pros outweigh the cons, and then decide whether you want to remove HubSpot from Gmail. 

When You Should Do It

You should do it when you know you can run your own analytics, and only need the features of HubSpot plans. In that case, you don’t need complete integration with the HubSpot app. 

Even if you do it, don’t skip on integrating HubSpot with Focos. Maybe you don’t need all of HubSpot features, but you sure need a faster, more productive environment you can get from a single app. 

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