Interview w/ Jovana Jelenic | Digital & SMM Manager - StableWP

Interview with Jovana Jelenic – Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager at StableWP

Interview with Jovana Jelenic – Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager at StableWP

We talked with Jovana Jelenic, creator of my brand Ambitionz Beauty and digital and social media marketing manager, currently working for a Canadian digital marketing agency StableWP.

How did you get to become a Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager?

I’ve always been amazed by how much power the internet has if used right. I knew that out of the whole world, the internet is the place I want to settle in. 

I first started my career as a blogger and social media influencer about five years ago and I needed to learn how to increase my audience and website traffic so I could leverage from my platforms. 

A lot of testing was included in that process and I started to realize what works and what doesn’t and my audience started growing. 

The next step for me was to create my own business. This is how I started really diving deep into digital marketing and the more knowledge and experience I gained, the stronger results followed and so did the offers. 

I’m mostly self-taught, but since I started working for a Digital Marketing Agency, I have an amazing team lead that really boosted my skills and helped me perfect them. 

How would you explain Digital marketing to somebody who doesn’t understand it at all? Why is it important for a brand to have a digital presence today?

Imagine having a great product or service you want to sell, where can you find potential customers? Ask yourself: Where does a majority of people spend most of their time? How can you find all of them in one place to present them your offer? 

They are all online, either googling information they need, browsing websites or hanging out on social media. 

Using Digital marketing you can reach out to all the people who are already interested in what you have to offer. 

Having a strong online presence is an absolute must nowadays, and I guess the pandemic really proved it. 

It’s pretty simple, you need to place your business where your customers are and that’s online. 

What do you like the most about your job?

Creativity and freedom. Especially when it comes to my own projects. 

For client and agency work, I am all about results, it gives me so much joy being able to help other businesses thrive and live to their full potential. 

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of working from home?

Pros are many, not much can compare with the comfort you have in your own space. And it saves you a lot of time without having to get ready and commute to the office every day. Even the communication with the team members is more efficient using the online tools in my opinion. I have been working from home my entire adult life, and I absolutely love the flexibility it gives me. 

The one bad thing when it comes to working from home is not knowing when to stop. It’s really hard finding a balance so I personally tend to overdo it most of the time. 

What makes you productive at work? Do you have a daily routine that keeps you focused?

My biggest motivator is being able to see progress every single day. It pushes me to work even harder and be even more productive the next day to see those bars moving up. 

I love to play some smooth jazz compilation, light up a scented candle and work till lunchtime, then take an hour break to recharge and continue even harder. 

What is a sustainable remote work policy for you?

First and foremost, for me it’s very important having an inspirational and organized space to work in. My home office is the place I spend most of my time in and it’s the space I most enjoy being at. 

Having an organized space will reflect how organized you are at work and how you manage your time. 

The second is having reliable project management and communication tools so you can again be organized with your tasks and not lose any time in the process. 

Can you give us 3 essential tips for a successful digital marketing strategy?

Firstly, set the right KPIs to track. 

Second, Create a sales funnels consisting of 3 stages (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) 

Third, Analyze and adjust the campaign along the way. 

Is there any app that you cannot imagine your day at work without?

That would be Slack for communicating with my team members and Nifty for project management so I don’t lose track of all the tasks and resources I need. 

How do you see the business world in 5 years, working from home most of the time or working from the office?

I believe that companies are already realizing that it’s more than possible to have their employees choose where they feel more productive and from where they want to work. And that would be amazing for both sides.

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