Interview w/ Sandra Knezevic | SEO Specialist & PM - PlayMedia

Interview with Sandra Knezevic – SEO Specialist and Project Manager at PlayMedia

Interview with Sandra Knezevic SEO Specialist and Project Manager at PlayMedia

Sandra Knezevic SEO Specialist

We talked with Sandra Knezevic, about the challenges and benefits of one of the most popular digital jobs. Sandra works for Play Media as an SEO specialist and Project Manager.

How did you learn SEO?

I started with social media first. I was freelancing, had a few clients, and a part-time job as a marketing manager. Then a link building job opportunity came up, I wanted a change, so I accepted this position, and that’s how it started. 

I was curious, it seemed to me like I cannot understand what I’m really doing unless I learn SEO on the whole. I needed a bigger picture, so I started digging deeper and learned more and more. I’m mostly self-taught, but I also learned a lot from my co-workers. 

How does your typical day at work look like? Do you have the typical daily routine that helps you with productivity?

I don’t think I have a typical daily routine. I do usually start the day at work with a morning meeting with my team members and review the things that should be done that day. But other than that, it really depends on a lot of factors how each day will be. 

Some days I’m not productive at all. I work from home regardless of the covid situation and I’m very happy with that, especially in the unproductive moments. I would take a break, do some housework, or just lay down and do nothing for a while. Then I would go back to my computer and finish the work. You can not do that in the office. 🙂

Which skill sets are required to be an SEO professional, in your opinion?

I would say problem-solving, creative thinking, patience, and prioritizing. 

Which SEO tools do you use on a daily basis?

On a daily basis Ahrefs and SEOquake Chrome extension. I also use Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console a lot. 

What is the biggest challenge in SEO today? 

It’s keeping up with algorithm updates and changes. SEO is evolving very fast so it might be challenging to keep up with everything and implement all necessary changes into SEO strategies. Content is still one of the most important components in SEO strategy, and it can be a very difficult challenge on its own. You must have high-quality content, and not mention that EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) becomes one of the main topics in SEO. Also, page experience is the next very important thing that must be taken into account. With Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal, you must make sure your page speed and user experience are well optimized. Not to forget mobile SEO. So with all this being said, I would say, SEO is challenging.  

How do you see the SEO industry changing in the next decade? 

As I said in the previous answer, there are a lot of factors that must be taken care of, so  SEO will probably become more comprehensive. Google will probably continue reducing space in SERP for organic results and they will focus more on user experience and search intent. It will be more challenging to drive organic traffic since Google has a monopoly. SEOs will have to find new ways for optimizing and figure out how to adjust strategies and get results. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start an SEO career?

Join groups (Facebook, Slack, etc.) and be part of the community. This helped me to boost my self-esteem and find answers for everything I wasn’t sure about. Now I even started a Facebook group for a woman from my country and region that works in SEO and related fields. This is a great way to exchange information, experience, and job opportunities.

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