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How to update Microsoft 365 ( formerly Office 365)?

How to update Microsoft 365

update office 365

Office 365, recently renamed to Microsoft 365, is an online subscription service that allows you to access all the Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and many more.

It offers you a perfect way to store all your works in the cloud, which means that you can access it whenever you want, from your desktop or your mobile. 

We are all aware that we need the latest updated version of apps in order to enjoy all their features and top performance.

Microsoft 365 made that easy for us, as it happens automatically! Once the updates are installed, you can continue using all the tools, both normally or through integrations in other software like the Focos, without having to make any changes manually.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates for Microsoft 365 are enabled by default. Apps are configured to get all the updates automatically. There is no need for any additional user or administrative configuration.

Each month, Microsoft creates updated versions of the apps and puts them on the internet. This updated version includes all the updates for that month.

One of the biggest perks of  Microsoft 365 is that when you install the apps, a scheduled task called Office Automatic Updates is created.

It’s configured to look for updates, to detect them. After detecting them, the system is ready for a download. Compressed files are downloaded and moved to the Apply folder.

The next step is the installation process which happens in the background and doesn’t require any intervention by the user.

This whole process is happening while you are not using the apps. The updates can’t be applied if the Office is used at that moment.

If it doesn’t succeed to apply the updates for several days, don’t worry you will get a message that updates are ready to install!

Sometimes, automatic updates are not enabled, in which case you need to enable them manually.

Let’s explain how to do that!

Enable automatic updates Manually

To manually install updates for Microsoft 365 you need to go through a few steps.·      

  • Open the app you want to update
  • Open a blank document and click File
  • After that, you will see an Account option is listed, just click on it.
  • Finish this process by clicking on the Update Options drop-down menu and select Update now.

If you can’t find this Update Now button on the Update Options drop-down menu, don’t worry, you can use another method.

In this case, you can try with enabling updates. When you click on the Update Options drop-down menu, click and select Enable Updates option.

You can still control the updates

Even though the applications are downloaded and applied in the background if you want you can use these updates settings and change how Microsoft 365 is updated.

You can do this with the Office Deployment Tool or Group Policy.

Using the Office Deployment Tool you have more control over the installation.

If you decide to configure update settings for Microsoft 365 using Group Policy you need to download the most recent Administrative Template files for office.

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