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What is Monday?

What is Monday?

What is Monday

Monday is one of the market’s leading collaboration and communication apps for teams. It’s ideal for project management and task management. You can use Monday to manage all your projects, and you can also use it as a CRM for managing your AD campaigns. Additionally, you can also track bugs, or manage video production.

There are a lot of different ways to use it, and it’s one of the most versatile tools you’ll find. Its versatility is what sets it apart from most of the other management tools on the market. It has a modern and attractive interface, and it’s quite easy to use.

Let’s go a bit deeper in explaining what Monday can do and how it works.

Monday can enhance productivity

We’re talking about unique possibilities that can boost the performance of any business. Here are some of them.

Monday has a unique Board concept which means it can provide in-depth insights on your tasks and projects. There is the main Board that lists all tasks and projects together and connects them to the team members in charge.

It’s definitely a platform you can tailor to your needs. It remains extremely sensitive to customization. You can configure almost any option until you get a brand-specific platform.

Monday is devoted to easy collaboration. It follows a live Facebook / Twitter activity feed that records discussions as they come along, and also allows the uploading of different types of files and leaving notes. All of this is to make the exchange of information easier.

Analytics and reporting are well-executed since Monday can collect arithmetically connected tasks and projects and keep them organized.

Choose a Plan

Everyone can give Monday a try via a free 14 day trial, but after that, you need to pay for an account. It’s very important to know that Monday doesn’t charge per person; it has prices for groups up to a certain number. But, if you have a team of 16 people you must pay for a  plan of up to 20 people. So, if you have a team size closer to the cap, you will pay more reasonable rates.

There are four different tiers to choose from, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The basic plan has some limitations. You don’t get Calendar views, Map views, Timelines, or Advanced search. The price starts at $49 per month for five people and includes 5GB of storage.

Standard starts at $59 per month for five people but has most of the options you don’t have access to with the Basic plan. This includes Timeline, Calendar, and Map views. It also includes Advanced search but not time tracking. This tier also allows integrations but you are limited to 250 actions between two integrated apps per month.

Pro starts at $99 per month per 5 people, the storage is unlimited and you get all the features except a few that are meant for Enterprise customers.

Enterprise plan uses custom pricing and includes all features.

After you choose a plan according to your needs you can get started!

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