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How to delete a Facebook group?

How to delete a Facebook group?

How to delete a Facebook group

If you are an admin of a group that is no longer active or needed maybe it’s time to delete it. Deleting a Facebook group is an irreversible process, once you do it there’s no coming back.  Alternatively, you can deactivate or close the group by archiving it.

If you are sure about your decision and you have decided to delete the group, before you do it, let all of your members know you are about to hit the delete button. Your group members have probably contributed and helped the group grow. Letting them know what you are about to do gives them time to download all the valuable information.

It’s also important to note that as long as the original creator of the group is still a member, only they have the power to delete it. In case the creator has left the group, any other admin can do it.

Now that we have clarified some of the things everyone should know before deleting a group, we will go through the deleting process step by step.

Delete your Facebook group

The deleting process is quite easy, regardless of whether you’re using the Facebook app or the website. We are going to explain both ways.

If you are using the website, go to Facebook and select “ Groups” then select the name of your group under Groups You Manage.

If you are using the Facebook app, tap the menu icon, and then tap “ Groups” and select your group under Groups You Manage.

On select Members and on the app tap the collection of member profile pictures at the top.

If using the website select the three dots next to each member’s name and select Remove from Group. On the app tap each member’s name and then tap Remove member.

Repeat all the steps for every individual group member. When you are done you should be the only one left. Go to Admins and Moderators, select three dots, and click Leave Group. On the app tap Admins, tap your name and select Leave Group. This is it, you are done!

Sadly, right now there is no way to delete the whole group in one click. So, if you’ have hundreds of members, this will take some time. In this case, closing the group is probably a faster solution. When the group is archived, members can still visit the group but they can’t upload anything. The archived group won’t show up on the Facebook search, so new members won’t be able to join.

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