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How to unblock someone on Facebook?

How to unblock someone on Facebook?>

How to unblock someone on Facebook

Let’s face it, some people can be extremely annoying on Facebook. Luckily for everyone,  there’s an easy fix for that. You can simply block them. I’m sure a lot of people would agree that a block is a perfect solution and sometimes the only option you have.

On the other hand, you can always unblock a person, if you decide to. You know how they say, “everybody deserves a second chance”.

How do you exactly unblock someone?

A lot of users are having trouble with this, only because they are not sure where to look. In fact, the whole process is very simple and quick. You can do it, either on the website, or your mobile phone.

We will go through the unblocking process step by step.

Let’s start!

Using the Facebook Website

If you want to unblock someone using the Facebook website, here’s how.

Go to your feed. When you click on the little arrow on the upper-right hand side of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu. Here, select “Settings”

There will be a Blocking option on the right side of the Settings page. When you click on it, a list of blocked people will appear.

Search for the person you want to unblock and click the “Unblock” button next to their name.


Using the Facebook App

The process of unblocking on the Facebook app is slightly different from the one on the website, but still very easy.

Go to your feed and tap the menu button, located at the upper right-hand corner. Choose “Settings and privacy” and then “Settings and Privacy”.

You will see the list of everyone you have ever blocked.

Tap the “Unblock button” next to the name and you’re done!

Unblocking on Facebook Messanger

You can also easily block and unblock anyone on Facebook in the Messenger app with just a few simple taps.

Open the Messanger app and tap your profile picture. This will open your profile details, scroll down until you find the “Preferences” section.

Select  “People” and tap “Block”.

You will see a list of people you have blocked.

Choose the person you would like to unblock and tap “Unblock on Messanger”

You should keep in mind that blocking someone on the Messenger doesn’t mean blocking them on Facebook.

Blocking someone on Facebook removes the person from your friend list and also blocks them on Messanger, while blocking someone on Messanger only means blocking their calls and messages.

Keep in Mind

Once you unblock someone, you need to be aware that that certain someone can see your timeline and anything you have set to public. If they realize they’ve been unblocked they can also contact you.

You will have to wait for 48hours before you can re-block the person. So, if you just wanted to check on someone before you block them again you should know this.

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