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poll in slack

How to do a poll in Slack?

How to do a poll in Slack? The Slack app is intended for the collaboration of people, teams,or organizations, thus Slack has many features designed to facilitate and ease communication and organizing within its workspaces. While direct communication may often be the best means of organizing, due to the sheer number of people that need … Read more

delete slack

How to delete a Slack channel?

How to delete a Slack channel? Slack is primarily a communication app that lets large groups of people message each other, use voice and video calls, and share files; as such, it helps facilitate the organization and focus of teams by their managers and team leaders. Such a wide range of functions necessitates a large … Read more

leave a Slack channel

How to leave a Slack channel?

How to leave a Slack channel? As with all other features of Slack, the design team made it as easy as possible to leave a Slack channel. On Slack, the focus is on the work being done in teams via multiple channels – as such, users may find themselves in situations where they find it … Read more

How to use Slack

How to use Slack?

How to use Slack? Slack was intentionally designed in such a way so as to make the use of the platform, even the use of the advanced features, straightforward and easy. Focos applies the same principle to its design and functionality, and is just as easy to use without the need for advanced tutorials. It … Read more


What is Slack?

What is Slack? Slack is an easy-to-use communication platform and app, intended to be effectively used by both large and small groups of people, especially suited for real-time collaboration of persons within large companies, be it for working remotely or from a company office. Many IRC-type (Internet Relay Chat) features are integrated into Slack, such … Read more

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