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What is included in the G Suite?

What is included in the G Suite?

What is included in the G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud-based solution that consists of a bunch of apps. Though most people use Drive, Docs, and Sheets, there are many other apps you can use to improve your productivity. 

Even more so, once you learn about them, and how to use them together you are going to elevate your workflow to another level. 

List of G Suite Apps

So, let’s first take a look at what apps you get when you buy a G Suite subscription. However, keep in mind that you won’t get all of the apps with a basic subscription. While you’ll get most of the content management tools with the basic package, the advanced security and data management apps come with business and enterprise subscriptions only. 

Here’s the list of apps you’ll get to use when you purchase G Suite: 

  • Gmail 
  • Google Drive 
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides 
  • Google Form 
  • Google Sites 
  • Google Calendar 
  • Google Hangouts 
  • Google Currents 
  • Google Keep 
  • Google Vault 
  • Jamboard 
  • Admin security and administration controls 
  • Vault retain app
  • Endpoint management
  • Cloud identity premium 

With the basic subscription, you’ll get to use everything from Gmail to Jamboard. For some businesses that is more than enough to run and perform daily tasks. The thing that is more important is understanding how to use certain apps.  

Content creation and management

Aside from Gmail which is the email feature of the plan, you have a bunch of apps for content creation and management. Google Docs is a highly-versatile text editor that allows you to format, write, and create content which you can later download in various formats. 

Sheets are the Excell of G Suite. Amazing for managing tables, creating filters, and organizing data. Slides is similar to PowerPoint, as it allows you to organize presentations, while Google Sites is a form of a web builder used to help you structure data. 

Forms are another great feature. It allows you to create forms and send them or upload them via links or on your website. Finally, there is Jamboard and Keep which are used to keep your notes.  


Admin security features consist of various programs and apps to help you protect your data, which can be categorized as admin controls and protection programs. 

Admin controls allow you to create different levels of access for different users. Let’s say you don’t want to share sensitive data with all employees. Using Admin controls, you can restrict their access. Also, you can create other types of restrictions to prevent access by a third party that could harm your business. 

There is another layer of security when it comes to protecting your data provided by Google backup centers. 

Data Management

This is the greatest feature of G Suite. G Suite has no competitors when it comes to data management. 

There are various ways to store, archive, search, and rediscover your data. The Vault allows you to do this, and you can even script apps, integrate and improve them. Another awesome feature is data loss prevention both for Drive and Gmail. 

Finally, there’s Cloud Search, which allows you to search for anything within the Suite and outside of it. It all comes down to your business needs.

Using it all together

Users rarely use all of the apps included in subscription plans. They make sure to pick the right subscription to help their business. 

However, combining all the tools you need through Focos provides you with a secure, neat, and clutter-free digital workspace, all centered around a single app and device.

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