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What is the difference between G Suite and Gmail?

What is the difference between G Suite and Gmail?

difference between G Suite and Gmail

Creating an email address is the first step you take as you venture into the world of online business. Gmail is the most popular email service, due to its integrations with various tools. Additionally, there’s another useful package you can purchase from the same provider: 

You can buy G Suite. And, if you think it’s only for companies and big businesses you are wrong. 

Private and professional user

Gmail is great for individual users, and you can also use it for business. However, you’ll have the “@gmail” extension on your email. When you purchase G Suite subscription you’ll get a dedicated address with an extension you select. 

So, you can buy an email address that has your company’s name as your extension. Therefore, G Suite is much more suited for business purposes. Even as a freelance designer or writer, you can use your agency name or even your last name as an extension. 

Then, you can opt to use various apps to improve your business. 


Now that you know that G Suite is used for business first, you should learn about its features. With the basic subscription, you’ll have almost all features found in a regular Gmail account. But, the difference is that you’ll have more storage for your Drive, and more features for other apps. 

Gmail has restricted features, especially when it comes to storage. You could buy more storage for your Drive, however, it makes more sense to invest a bit more money and buy all of the apps and their features. 

Also, another thing you could invest in is data security. While you can manage content and store files on your Drive, security should be high on your priority lists. 


With business and enterprise subscription you can buy features to allow you to protect, secure, archive, and control your data. The apps are modified to provide you with a flawless user experience. 

It’s easy to set up restrictions, give access to the documents in Drive, and manage security levels. Each data management app is simple, relying on a sole function like search or storing documents. That gives you a new experience of the organization, more suitable for business purposes. 

The Gmail account relies on basic functions for complete organization. However, once you’ve used up almost all your storage, it may be daunting to manually search for a single document. That is the final segment that differentiates Gmail and G Suite. 


The purpose of Gmail is everyday use. You have a great email service, with free storage and a content manager. Additionally, you can set notifications for important dates, keep notes, and have a workboard. And, that’s free. 

However, having all that, and great security, as well as an additional 15GB of storage with the basic subscriptions, gives you more. It gives you a professional look, with an emphasis on security, which makes it great for businesses of all sorts. 

So, the difference between Gmail and G Suite is in the purpose of use. If you want to have a business account, you should go for G Suite.

Improve your business

Finally, you should always look for methods to improve your business and productivity, and one way you can do it is through the combined use of different tools and features. Whether you use G Suite or Gmail, you can integrate either or both in the Focos app, and have all the tools you need available to you in just a click or two.

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