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What is G Suite basic and how much does it cost?

What is G Suite basic and how much does it cost?

Suite Cost

G Suite is an integrated cloud solution used to improve productivity and organization. There are three subscriptions you can purchase for your G Suite account. Out of all three, the basic subscription is most commonly used. 

Even though it lacks security and data management features business and enterprise plans have, it remains highly popular.

G Suite Basic Subscription

The basic subscription gives you all the tools you need to elevate your workflow to a professional level. You are getting a dedicated email address, which ends with the extension of your choice. So, your email leaves a professional impression if it has your company name instead of the usual “@gmail.com” extension. 

Then, you get more cloud storage for your Drive – instead of your regular 15GB, you’ll get 30GB. Another great feature is the Sites website builder. It’s a low-code, simple to use app that allows you to build webpages. 

Of course, you’ll have regular content creation and content management tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. They work like the apps you get on a regular Gmail account, with the exception of forms, which have additional features in G Suite. 

For organization and communication, there are Hangouts, Meet and Chat apps, and Keep to organize your notes. Also, there is a Calendar to keep track of all company events, and Currents to keep your teammates engaged. 

Finally, there is the Apps Script which allows you to integrate, modify, and automate apps at your disposal. 

All of these come with the basic subscription. 


Another thing that interests users is how well they can use G Suite basic for business purposes. Aside from the professional email address, you can automatize processes, share data faster, and have more storage for projects. 

Team communication is smoother since the whole team can track changes on documents in real-time. And, you can do it all from your email address. 

Thus, you get a simple solution to control the workflow and organization of your business. However, the basic subscription lacks are advanced security and data management apps. Yet, most businesses don’t need that level of security anyway. 


The price of the basic subscription is 5.28$ per month, and per user. This means that you have to pay 5.28$ each month to use the service. However, you have to pay an additional 5.28$ for additional users to share and participate in G Suite. 

This is usually done by the company owner. They buy the subscriptions for other team members, and then sum up the price of the G Suite per month. 

Another great thing is that not all employees need a G Suite account, but that’s something you should decide based on your business model and needs. 

Ideal for Small Businesses

G Suite is mostly used for small businesses. Its apps and low cost allow team members to cooperate, organize work, and increase productivity. 

It gets even better when you use it with Focos, and get the most out of secure, neat, and clutter-free digital space. 

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