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What is G Suite business?

What is G Suite business?

What is G Suite business

G Suite is an amazing app for business purposes. Depending on the needs of your business, there are three different subscription plans to suit every user: basic, business, and enterprise. 

The security features of a G Suite Business subscription make it perfect for businesses that operate with sensitive data.

G Suite Business Subscription

G Suite business subscription gives you all tools you need for work, along with advanced security and data protection. While including all the features of the basic subscription, it also allows you to protect and archive data, restore and search for data, and set retention policies. 

So, you get all the content management and organizational tools you need: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms for content management; and Keep, Calendar, Hangouts, Meet, and Chats for communication and organization. Another reason to consider the business subscription plan is the unlimited storage. 

With the business subscription, you get 5TB of storage for up to five users. Additionally, you have Cloud Search which helps you search for files, documents, and emails. Of course, you also have Apps Script to help you automatize and integrate apps with your G Suite account. 

Also, there is the Vault. The Vault helps to retain, search, and archive data. Whether it’s emails, chats, or files, you can find them with ease. Additionally, you can track user activity with this app. 

Finally, you can set retention policies for emails and chat. When you use them together, you’ll get amazing support for your business. 


The business subscription is great for larger businesses, whether they are companies with a lot of employees or businesses that operate with a lot of data. When you use this type of G Suite account you’ll experience a better workflow, improved data management, and increased productivity. 

While your business grows and you take on additional projects, keeping track of all of them becomes much harder. That means that it’s complicated to go back and search for a particular document or email with usual search features. 

With Vault or Cloud Search you can do it in a few minutes. Also, as you progress and have more sensitive data like user data, payment info, and card numbers you want to secure it properly. 

So, the greatest feature of the business subscription is the advanced security you get for the price you are paying for the whole service. 


The price of the G Suite business subscription is 10.56$ per user per month. This means that your total monthly subscription fee will depend on the number of people you want to have access to G Suite tools. They are usually the key members of your team. 

However, you can also buy a single business subscription and purchase basic subscriptions for other team members. Or, if you have a few employees that need access to sensitive data, you can purchase the subscription for them also. 

It all comes down to your business structure and needs. 

Great for Advanced Business Purposes

G Suite business subscription is an amazing asset for bigger businesses. If you want to ensure data security, better organization, and workflow, then you should go for it. 

But, you could take your business on another level if you use it together with Focos. It’s the fastest way to create a digital, clutter-free workplace from a single app. 

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